Sorry it has taken so long. I knew if I didn’t get these up before the Holidays, it would be really late. So without further ado, here are the winners of this year’s contest…

Starting with some honorable mentions: (Some of you could be in the top ten if you “step it up” next year 🙂 )

4021 Canterbrook

10201 Ingleton

10329 Billington

10318 Fairbourne

10509 Old Bridge


And now for the top 10:

Number 10 – Letter I
10513 Worsley

Number 9 – Letter C
10307 Suffield
(no picture available)

Numbers 8/7 (Tie) – Letters  E/F
10418 Worsley/3305 Dunfield

Numbers 6/5 (Tie) – Letters G/J
3413 Turtlecross/10501 Worsley
/ (no picture available)

Number 4 – Letter D
10313 Worsley

THIRD PLACE (and the winner of the $15 Dilworth card) – Letter H
4009 Canbury

SECOND PLACE (and the winner of the $25 Harris Teeter card) – Letter B
10323 Fairbourne

2014 FIRST PLACE WINNERS (of $50 Shell gas card) – Letter A
10412 Old Bridge


CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners and THANKS to EVERYONE who participated to MAKE THIS EVENT FUN!!!