The 2020 Leacroft Pool Season letter is being mailed to all community members.  If you do not receive this letter or are curious about the pool rules for 2020, you can view this information here:

2020 Leacroft Pool Season Letter

2020 Pool Schedule:

UPDATE 9/3/20: Pool season has been extended thru Sunday, 9/20/20!  Changes to previous schedule shown in red below.  Advance reservations are still required.  See below for details. 

Temporary Pool Policies Due to COVID-19:

A number of temporary pool policies are currently in place due to COVID-19.  Please thoroughly read through the 2020 Leacroft Pool Season letter to familiarize yourself with these temporary changes.

Advance reservations are required to enter the pool until further notice.  To reserve your date/time slot, visit our online reservation site.  Please read and follow the reservation directions on the site and the policies that will be included with your reservation confirmation email.

Please note that access to the Leacroft community pool is only permitted for those Leacroft homeowners or family members with an active keyfob and whose common area privileges are intact (not suspended or revoked due to unacceptable pool behavior, delinquencies, fines or liens).  Guests of the homeowner or family member are permitted per stated pool rules and regulations.