November Event Planning Meeting

Please join us this Sunday, November 9th, at 7PM. We will meet at Caribou Coffee and ALL first time visitors will receive a FREE drink of their choice! Help us plan the details for the Holiday sl”hay” ride coming up in December. Let us hear your ideas and suggestions for BETTER future events. We can’t make our neighborhood fun and exciting without YOUR help.


  1. Pam

    Just wanted to urge neighbors to fill out a request to CharMeck to repave Highcroft Lane. You can fill out the request here. As of right now, they said we aren’t a high enough priority, but I think with more people making the request, they might hear us!

  2. valorie mcalpin

    Went to the site as listed above but a request for paving a street was not listed. Which request form would you recommend that we fill out in order to get Highcroft Lane repaved? thanks!