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Cory Burkarth 

Paper bag mandate

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (May 5, 2021) – The City of Charlotte on Wednesday announced a paper bag mandate requiring residents who receive city collection to use compostable paper bags or reusable personal containers no larger than 32-gallons for yard waste collection. Yard waste includes leaves, grass clippings, small limbs and brush. The mandate will begin on Monday, July 5, 2021.

Reasons for the change

Environmental impacts of plastic bags, as well as operational efficiency, were factors in this change.

Single-use plastic creates numerous, negative environmental impacts in both its manufacturing and disposal. Conversely, paper bags are extracted from unbleached, recycled brown kraft paper, which saves natural resources and energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Since fiscal year 2016, yard waste tonnage has increased by 30 percent. In addition, the yard waste disposal facility does not accept yard waste in plastic bags. This requires Solid Waste staff to debag leaves at the curb, which increases collection times and makes it difficult to complete routes on the scheduled day of collection.

Eliminating single-use, plastic yard waste bags will allow Solid Waste Services to decrease the amount of time required to provide service at each home.

What residents can expect beginning July 5

Beginning July 5, Solid Waste Services will no longer accept yard waste in plastic bags. If residents use plastic bags after this date, Solid Waste Services will leave a note reminding them of the change and provide a one-time courtesy collection. If residents continue to use plastic bags, they could be subject to a minimum $150 fine per the Charlotte City Code.

Residents also have the option of disposing of yard waste by taking the items, in paper bags or reusable containers, to one of the four Mecklenburg County full-service recycling centers. Fees may be charged when disposing at the full-service centers.

Where can paper bags and containers be purchased

Paper yard bags and reusable personal containers no larger than 32-gallons can be purchased at local discount, hardware and home improvement stores. Only compostable, paper yard waste bags will be accepted. Compostable plastic bags are not accepted as they are not accepted by the yard waste disposal site because they compromise the integrity of the compost product.

In addition to local stores, beginning July 5, there will be a limited supply of paper bags available for pick up, at no cost, at the City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services’ office (1105 Otts Street) and any of the Mecklenburg County full-service recycling centers.

For more information on the mandate, please visit

Changes to ARC Request Process

The Villages of Leacroft Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has been working to streamline the ARC request process over the past several months. Part of this streamlining requires some assistance on the administrative side to ensure all required paperwork has been properly submitted. This new administrative process costs us money.

Beginning 5/1/21, a $25 admin fee for each Architectural Review Committee (ARC) request will be required. This fee is non-refundable and must be paid through Henderson Properties before the ARC request will be reviewed by the committee. Please understand that this fee is needed to cover the admin costs associated with processing these requests, which is extremely time consuming. We hope our community understands this need and sees an improvement in the streamlining of the ARC process as well.

To file an ARC request, please download the ARC request documents and follow the steps described within the documents. Should you have any questions, please email:

Submit your completed request and a check for a $25 application fee, payable to Villages of Leacroft to: Henderson Association Management, 958 W. Main Street, Rock Hill, SC 29730. You may also email the application and attachments to:

Thank you for your understanding.

Spring is Home Improvement Time! Don’t Forget About ARC!

Spring is here! Looking to repaint your shutters a different color? Install a new fence around the yard? Build a shed to help organize your garage? Don’t forget to check the Leacroft community architectural guidelines first and submit your project to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) if required before you get started. The ARC is here to help you with your project to ensure it will meet community guidelines. These guidelines are in place to ensure our community maintains its attractive characteristics, both in appearance and real estate value.

We’ve enhanced our ARC review process. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Review the architectural guidelines to confirm if your project needs ARC approval.
  2. Complete an ARC Review Request Form and submit to
  3. Your request will be reviewed for completeness and necessary documentation.  Once reviewed, you will receive an email stating that all information is present and your request is being sent to the committee for further review or that initial information is missing and additional action must be taken before your request will move to the committee.
  4. Once the committee reviews your request, an email will be sent informing you of their decision or additional steps required.
  5. You can follow the status of your request at any time by logging-in to your resident portal.  Simply log-in using the credentials you received from Henderson Properties. Should you require additional assistance logging-in to your portal, please contact Henderson Properties at: 704-535-1122.

Please remember that our ARC is comprised of volunteer committee members who have full-time lives outside of the HOA.  Therefore, it can take up to 30 days to review ARC requests.  The committee will respond as soon as possible.  We appreciate your patience!

2009 Neighborhood Pine Needle and Mulch Delivery

**Update.  Since the newsletter went out later this month than expected, the deadline for ordering pine needles and mulch has been extended to June 15th 2009.**

The Villages of Leacroft HOA Board is working with Nicholson Farms for bulk delivery of pine needles and mulch at a bulk rate discount.  Orders will be collected through May 31, and delivery will occur early June.  If we order more than 500 bales as a neighborhood, it will be  Saturday delivery.  Otherwise, it will be a Wednesday delivery.  Spreading is available for $1.95/bale.

 Bulk Prices:

Georgia Needles $3.85/bale
Carolina Needles (longleaf) $4.25/bale
Red/Black dyed mulch $3.95/2 cu. ft.
Pine Bark, Hardwood, Cypress, and Cedar mulch $3.50/2 cu. ft.
Pine Nuggets, mini nuggets $2.95/2 cu. ft.

To have your pine needles or mulch delivered to your door or even spread for you, please send us the following information: 

-Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address

-Type of product, Quantity needed, Whether or not you would like it spread

-Pre-pay by check made out to Nicholson Farms

We will be collecting the orders, but checks must be made directly to Nicholson Farms.  Please send this information to:

Pamela Wisniewski
3912 Canterbrook Dr
Charlotte, NC 28269

May Yard of the Month

Congratulations to our neighbor on Chadsworth Court who was awarded with Yard of the Month in May for their beautiful manicured lawn and azaleas that were in full bloom.  Each Yard of the Month winner receives a $25 gift card to Harris Teeter.  Yard of the Month chairperson is Bob Matthews, and we thank him for helping us reward our neighbors who keep the neighborhood looking beautiful!

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