City Undermines Leacroft

The city has changed its position on requiring the Homeowner Association’s approval, since the speed hump issue was raised on Billingham Drive. As the HOA’s decision reflects the desire of the broader base of the community, the Board of Directors is appealing the City’s decision regarding putting a speed hum on Billingham Drive for the Villages of Leacroft.

It is the Board’s opinion that, since it was asked, their decision should be upheld based on the good faith shown throughout the process. The city’s decision to change the requirements for approval should not impact the communities that were already dealing with this situation.

As many of our homeowners are against the installation of the speed hump, we need to make sure that the city respects our decisions within our own neighborhood. Residents against the speed hump will be counted on to show their support when the times comes, whether that be through a sign of a petition or appearing at a hearing.


  1. Karen Russell

    How can I contact the board?

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