A final draft of the CCR’s is now ready and has been posted here for your review:

The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs) for Villages of Leacroft has not been revised or updated since they were originally written by the developer in 1994.  A committee of Leacroft residents was formed to work with our legal council and create a revision of the CCR’s to better address the needs of our residents and to comply with the latest laws and standards relating to neighborhood communities.  An informational meeting will be held on December 3rd with our paralegal in attendance to answer any questions or comments that you may have.

The Great Vision Church

11901 Eastfield Road

Thursday December 3rd

7: 00 pm.

After the informational meeting, we will finalize the CCR’s and begin the process of obtaining signatures.  Modifying the CCR’s requires 67% approval, through signatures in the presence of a notary.  We will host a few “signing events” where you will have the opportunity to come sign your approval.  Your attendance at these events would be greatly appreciated to minimize the need for going door-to-door with notary publics.

  • If you have any feedback or concerns, please plan to attend the December 3rd meeting.
  • If you cannot be in attendance, but have feedback to share, please email the board at  HOABoard@Leacroft.org or contact a board member directly BEFORE the December 3rd meeting.

It is imperative that we get your feedback so we can move forward with this important process.
Thank you,

Villages of Leacroft