Did you know that we have 280 homes in our neighborhood?  So every time the events committee or the board want to communicate with you directly, we have to print and distribute at least 280 pieces of paper to make sure you get the news.  We make every effort to make sure our neighbors know what is going on at Leacroft; however, with only a little help from you, it could be so much easier!  Instead, we are trying to make more of an effort to go green.  And here is how:

We now have a Villages of Leacroft Yahoo Group mailing list that you can join!  Here, you can directly communicate with other neighbors who are subscribed, get the latest announcements about current HOA board communications, and find out about the latest event committee activities.  Even better, you can adjust your settings to receive one email digest per day of any activity on the mailing list or to receive each email individually as it is sent.  To make sure you aren’t getting spam, the mailing list is moderated to prevent over posting, spam, and other inappropriate postings.  Although the mailing list is new and not many people have signed up yet, you can help us with this effort by signing up and telling your neighbors to do the same!

All you have to do is:

1) Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LeacroftVillager/join

Subscribe to LeacroftVillager

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2) Request membership to the mailing list by stating that you are a Leacroft resident, and one of the moderators will approve your request shortly.

Once you have joined, you can click on “Edit Membership” to change various settings to make sure you are getting the most of your subscription.  Feel free to give me a call at 704-293-8978 if you need a little tech support!