The 2008 season has started for the Leacroft Barracudas Swim Team. This year is going to be awesome! I hope you are not thinking – Oh, no I missed the sign up!!! Don’t worry it’s not too late to join up. Print out the forms, fill them out and return them with your payment and you’re in, simple as that.

Why join the team? The Leacroft Barracudas is an opportunity to be introduced to the sport of swimming at the recreational level. It’s fun! You can meet the kids in the neighborhood and have fun as a team when we go and compete with other teams in the league. Who knows – some day you may be like Kate Ziegler who joined her nieghborhood team when she was 6 – with some encouragement from her mother. She is now a world record distance swimmer heading for the Beijing Olympics.

Practices for the team are starting June 27, check out the schedule. Everyone should go to the 5:30 practice on Tuesday to find out what group (A or B) you will be in.

Parents don’t forget that your involvement with the team as a volunteer is essenticial to the success of the team.

If you have any questions about the team or how to get involved please contact me.

Ken Bury:  704-307-4537