On Saturday, May 31, 2008 Leacroft will be hosting the first annual neighborhood block party.

Imagine twenty-five grills cooking burgers and hotdogs for the entire neighborhood in the the pool parking lot. The evening will includes food, extended pool hours, movie night on the tennis court (featuring the latest National Treasure) and lots of fun!

Help us make our neighborhood more of a community by joining the fun. The meat will be provided for FREE! Each family will need to bring, a side dish, lawn chairs and something to drink.

Lot’s of people have been asking how we are pulling this off, so here’s the story:

We have divided our neighborhood into twenty-five zones. (see below) And have attempted to recruit leaders and organizer for each zone. (there are some zones that are still unmanned) Each zone leader will be the contact for you if you want more information about the party. So, if you want more info, contact your zone leader.


  1. (no leader yet)
  2. (no leader yet)
  3. Michael & Elaine Darnall
  4. Isaac Reid
  5. Ellen & Craig Nunn (with help from the McGinnis crew)
  6. (no leader confirmed)
  7. Bruce & Barbara Anderson
  8. Willie & Cheryl Jefferson
  9. Patrick Bunn
  10. (no leader…Argh!)
  11. Todd & Krisen Mack
  12. Barbara Walbridge
  13. Dave & Jessica Moore
  14. Mike & Kristin Seaver
  15. Tina & Marti Ray
  16. Michelle & Robert Dunham
  17. Michell & Robert Dunham
  18. (we need help here!)
  19. Mike & Sue Sardellis (the said the Hicklings would help too)
  20. Vince & Courtney Smith
  21. Wendy & Allen Faler
  22. Bob Matthews
  23. Tami & Christopher Merry
  24. (hmmmmmmm)
  25. Monte Chisolm
  26. (nobody yet…)

If you are will or able to volunteer for any of these openings or if you have any questions, please feel free to let us know by emailing us at leacroftblockparty@gmail.com.