Since the new HOA board started this year, we have been busy at work getting things done for the neighborhood.  Here are only some examples of the projects that have been completed:

Common Area

  • The Villages of Leacroft pool was redone with new coping and tiles as well as the deck repaired of many existing cracks.  We had to make sure our pool drains were complaint with new safety legislation.  Our neighbor Fred Alfred did a great job on this work!
  • New pool furniture was purchased and many of the existing chairs were restrapped.
  • Sand in the playground sandbox has been replenished.
  • Rotted wood on the benches and at the entrance of the pool house were replaced and repainted.
  • Flood lights were added to the existing pool lights to illuminate the playground area at night.
  • Light bulbs were replaced in all of the lights around the common area.
  • The board implemented once-a-month adult swim nights from 6 PM – 9 PM for June 18th, July 16th, and August 20th.
  • A new sign was added to the playground that discourages trespassing after dark.
  • The board has collected bids for replacing the roof on the pool house due to hail damage.  This project will not begin, however, until after the pool closes for the season.
  • We are also getting quotes for tennis court repairs.

Leacroft Online

  • The HOA meeting minutes are now posted online so you can keep up with what is going on in the neighborhood.
  • The Leacroft Villager newsletter is now available online.  However, are also providing hard copies near the pool house for those who do not have Internet access.
  • The Villages of Leacroft now has a Facebook group so that neighbors can connect online.
  • A moderated Leacroft mailing list has been created using Yahoo Groups for all neighbors to join and communicate with one another. Subscribe today!

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

  • 67 ARC requests have been approved, 10 are in-process, and 2 have been rejected.  Of these requests, 53 ARC forms were submitted for new roofs due to hail damage.
  • The updated ARC form can be found here.

Other Projects

  • The HOA Board worked with Carolina Mailboxes to get a bulk rate for the neighborhood to replace non-conforming mailboxes or mailboxes in a state of disrepair.
  • The board also worked with Nicholson Farms for bulk pine needle and mulch delivery.
  • A CCR’s committee is working on updating the existing Leacroft Bylaws and Covenants.
  • A welcoming committee is being formed to make sure new Leacroft homeowners are welcomed into our community.  Please contact Barbara Walbridge. HOA Treasurer, if you are interested in participating.
  • We made a CharMeck service request to repair all of the sidewalk damaged caused by AT&T.

This list just highlights some of the main accomplishments for this year.  The HOA Board is continuing to make sure that the Villages of Leacroft remains a quality neighborhood which we can call home.