Rewards for your Ideas!!!

FREE COFFEE is just the beginning. Join us for our July planning meeting THIS SUNDAY at 7PM at CARIBOU COFFEE and visitors receive a drink of your choice for FREE!

Also, if you attend the remaining 5 meetings of the year and ASSIST in ONE event, your family will receive a PASS for FREE admission to ALL OUR 2009 EVENTS! (excluding Garage Sale)



  1. Dave Milam

    I love Caribou Coffee! I’ll be there!

  2. Blake

    Could someone please tell me who I must get permission from to change the color of my shutters. This is most likely not the place to get the information but I thought I woul give it a try.

    While I am posting a message I may as well say that any help tha tyou may need please fell free in contacting me for I will try to help our community out in any way that I can.

    Also, just FYI, the house on the corner of Fairbourne and Chadsworth that is being leased, I spoke with the managing company and they are having the owners of the home come update the lawn. For the lawn has been unmanage since they have been renting it out.

    Thanks for any information you can share.


  3. Pam

    The HOA is officially run by Halloway Management.

    They have a form for you to fill out that goes to the architectural review board.

    Also, to report lawn maintenance issues in the neighborhood, you can go to CharMeck’s website and report a code violation:

    Hope that helps!

  4. Debra

    Hi everyone:

    We had our first “adult only” planning meeting last night. Six people attended and a few others showed interest but couldn’t make it. Our first activity is Saturday September 19th and it is a recipe exchange. A flyer will be forthcoming. Look in your mailbox. We are planning on having one “adult only” activity a month. Oct 10th a card and game party. Nov. a craft class Dec. a cookie swap. Everyone at the meeting volunteered to host an activity. We figured we would add more activities as more people join. We also talked about going to Wing Haven Gardens and Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. We’ve made it a point not to conflict with any other Leacroft activities. We will be sending flyers out and will hopefully also post activities on our Anyone is welcome to oin us the 19th of September. If not please fill out our survey when it shows up and let us know what yu would be interested in.

    Deb Peters Brigitte Stoll B Stoll 1@
    704-593-1271 704-264-2259