Thanks to everyone who helped out today at the Spring Festival. We had a beautiful day with lots of smiling faces and fun! And what about those baby goats…too cute! I would love to see pictures if anyone is willing to share.


I want to give a big congratulations to our winner of the Baked Goods challenge. We decided this year to draw a name from the contributors and that person wins the choice of charity to donate the Bake Sale proceeds. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and grabbed a treat, we earned $26.40 (Although, I am not sure how that happened since everything was in quarter increments. 🙂 ) So thank you Angela Freund​, Michelle Dunham​, Maya Urbano​, and (Jennifer) Tom Weir​ for supporting a great cause. The winner of the drawing is Angela Freund — she gets to name the charity to receive this money.


I also want to thank my team of amazing ladies (men are certainly welcome to join us and I will change my lingo) –Diana Mosley, Angie Freund, Michelle Dunham, & Susan Shenk​. I really appreciate the fact that you all jump in and help where needed.


But most of all, I want to thank our volunteers. We could NOT do all we do without your help. It takes many more hands than our team can offer to pull off these annual events. Cindy Rogers​, Jerren Rogers​, James Workman,  Rachael Coakley​, Judy Ferrara​, Steven Nelson, & David Moore. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help! Some of these people came at 11am to set up and were the last ones to leave at 3:45 after cleaning up! And the winner of our volunteer contest is Steven Nelson! Congrats, you win a $10 Starbucks gift card!


Keep your eyes open for info coming soon on our next event. MAY 30 – BLOCK PARTY.

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