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Speed Hump Installed

As you know a speed hump was installed on Billingham Drive.  A number of questions have been asked about why the hump was installed and what was done to speak for all of the neighbors who were against the hump.

One of our residents contacted the City of Charlotte to inquire about installing a Speed Hump on Billingham.  The requirements from the City of Charlotte included an endorsement from the active Homeowner’s Association, and a petition signed by 60% of the impact area (which they defined as the 18 homes on that street).  The HOA board hosted a couple of neighborhood meetings allowing homeowners to express their opinions.  Those present were overwhelmingly against the installation of speed humps, and asked to look at other speed reducing alternatives.  We replied to the City stating that we did not wish to have a speed hump installed.

Some time between the City asking for our endorsement, and a couple of weeks after we informed them that they did not have it, they decided to change the rules and remove the requirement for HOA approval.

To help voice the opinions of our community, the board circulated petitions and obtained signatures from the homeowners, 76% of which signed in opposition to the speed hump.  The HOA took part in an appeal hearing with the City, contacted our City Councilman and DOT representatives, met with the manager of the CDOT, and contacted various members of the media.  A speed task force has also been created to address the interests of the entire neighborhood.

In the end, the City held to their view that the only opinions on this issue which count, are those of the residents on Billingham.  Despite our arguments to the contrary they do not feel that the other 250 homes should have a say in the matter.

City Undermines Leacroft

The city has changed its position on requiring the Homeowner Association’s approval, since the speed hump issue was raised on Billingham Drive. As the HOA’s decision reflects the desire of the broader base of the community, the Board of Directors is appealing the City’s decision regarding putting a speed hum on Billingham Drive for the Villages of Leacroft.

It is the Board’s opinion that, since it was asked, their decision should be upheld based on the good faith shown throughout the process. The city’s decision to change the requirements for approval should not impact the communities that were already dealing with this situation.

As many of our homeowners are against the installation of the speed hump, we need to make sure that the city respects our decisions within our own neighborhood. Residents against the speed hump will be counted on to show their support when the times comes, whether that be through a sign of a petition or appearing at a hearing.

Speed Hump

The possibility of adding a speed hump was brought up at our neighborhood’s annual meetings, discussed at HOA Board Meetings and two recent neighborhood meetings specifically called for the discussion of speed humps. At the most recent meeting, it was recorded that 31 homeowners voiced an opinion against the speed humps while only 5 voice an opinion for them.

At the following Board meeting, March 17, 2008 the Board voted unanimously (5-0) against having the speed hum installed, citing that it was obvious to them that an overwhelming majority of the neighborhood was against having a speed hump installed.

The Board has convened a task force to investigate alternatives to the speed hump as a speed deterrent. The community feels that speeding is an issue throughout the neighborhood, not just on Billingham Drive, and the Board of Directors has formed a committee to look at a comprehensive and broader approach for solutions to the speeding issue.