From CurbIt – Charlotte Solid Waste Services Community Newsletter

Valentine’s Day Was Lovely…What Do I Do With My Wrappers, Boxes & Vases?

Greeting cards, gift boxes, and chocolate candy wrappers usually head to the garbage can after Valentine’s Day – but they shouldn’t! Did you know there are ways to use these things (and others) to keep them from going to the landfill? Before you head to the garbage can, consider the following:

  • Greeting cards – Reuse or re-gift the cards and when they are done, recycle them.
  • Gift boxes, tissue and wrapping paper – Reuse all for other gifts. Recycle the boxes and the gift wrap (except foil gift wrap which needs to be thrown in the garbage).
  • Packing boxes and bubble wrap – Reuse the boxes and bubble wrap; once finished, recycle the boxes. The bubble wrap is garbage after its reuse.
  • Boxes of chocolate and candy wrappers – Upcycle the boxes; turn them into organizers for jewelry, hair bows, safety pins, etc. Place all candy wrappers in the garbage.
  • Flower vases – Reuse or re-gift the vases until they’re ready to be recycled.