Your Current HOA Board Members

The HOA board of the Villages of Leacroft met on January 15th to appoint board positions for the new board members.  Please welcome . . .

  • Frank Keenan, President
  • Vince Smith, Vice President
  • Barbara Walbridge, Treasurer
  • Pamela Wisniewski, Secretary
  • Monte Chisolm, Member at Large

Additional contact information will be provided for the HOA board members in the upcoming newsletter.  We are excited to serve our community in 2009, and will definitely be reaching out to our neighbors in the coming months!


  1. Joseph Mercier

    Could you publish the schedule for the board meetings and the committes meetings to the website? We would like to able to attend on occassion, but have no information as to when they are.

    Also, would you publish the minutes of the meetings to the website, since we cannot all attend.

    joe Mercier

  2. Pam


    The HOa meeting minutes are posted here:

    I know that the community HOA meeting will be held in a few months. The time and location will be announced when the location has been reserved. Since the monthly HOA board meetings vary, it is best to email the board or the HOA management company to request a time to present whatever concerns you may have. Hope that helps!